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In 2001, Christine Hoek began Articulate Communications as a way to maintain her foothold in the profession she loves − public relations. Since its modest beginning, Articulate Communications has thrived by attracting clients who work with a mission and vision for the better and who value smart thinking.

To her clients, Christine offers more than 20 years of public relations experience, a Master’s degree in Communication, and an accreditation as a public relations professional (APR). She works with a vast array of industries, including those in automotive, home décor, furniture, banking and health care. Christine most enjoys learning about new industries and topics. She does it fast and she does it well. Once in the game, Christine finds ways to strategically put her knowledge to work, communicating about a company, program or product effectively and creatively.

Through Articulate Communications, Christine goes beyond the call of client work. By paying attention to the world around us, Articulate Communications helps through contributions and community service projects to reach out to those in need.

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